Comprehensive Report on Foster Focus Week Activities

Comprehensive Report on Foster Focus Week Activities

Introduction: The Foster Focus Week, held from December 4th to December 8th, 2023, was a collaborative initiative orchestrated by Child in Family Focus and L4C Kenya, in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, State Department for Social Protection, and the Directorate of Children’s Services. The primary aim of this week-long event was to fortify foster care provisions in Kiambu County by equipping foster parents and prospective foster parents with essential skills and knowledge.

Participants and Objectives: The week saw the active involvement of diverse stakeholders, including foster parents, prospective foster parents, officers from the Directorate of Children’s Services, and representatives from esteemed organizations such as Child in Family Focus, Macheo Children’s Organization, Weza Care Solutions, and CBN Kenya. The overarching objectives were to strengthen the relationship between foster parents and foster children, enhance parenting skills, and safeguard children from harm and exploitation.


Activities Overview:                                                                                                                                                            

Monday – Sensitization of Community Child Protection Volunteers: The week commenced with the sensitization of community child protection volunteers, emphasizing the pivotal role they play in ensuring the well-being of vulnerable children. This foundational step aimed to create a broader understanding of the community’s responsibility in safeguarding the interests of children in need.

Tuesday to Thursday – Training of Foster Parents and Prospective Foster Parents: A comprehensive three-day training program unfolded at Phoenicia Hotel, delving into various crucial topics. Sessions included Foster Parent Orientation, Foster Care Procedures & Supervision, Caring for Children in Foster Care, Managing Emotions as a Foster Parent, Caring for Children with Disabilities, Relationship Building, Support, and Transitioning. The program ensured that participants were equipped with a holistic set of skills and knowledge to navigate the intricate landscape of foster care.

Wednesday – Community Sensitization at Kiambu Market: Midweek involved community engagement at Kiambu Market, reaching out to the broader population. This event served to raise awareness about foster care, disseminate information about its significance in supporting orphaned and vulnerable children, and encourage community involvement in fostering a supportive environment for these children.

Friday – Foster Families Appreciation Event and Children’s Funday: The pinnacle of the week was marked by an appreciative gathering at Das Bayern on Kiambu Rd. The event celebrated foster parents for their invaluable contribution to the community and provided a joyous experience for children. Activities included group discussions, games, a shared lunch fostering community bonds, and the distribution of appreciation gifts to foster parents and children.

Media Engagement-Media coverage, prominently featuring on Inooro FM, Family TV Kenya, Coro FM and Kenya News Agency, played a crucial role in amplifying the event’s impact, reaching both sub-counties and nationwide audiences. Key coverage highlights included success stories from the foster care program pilot, insights from foster parents, and the festive Fun day and appreciation event, underscoring the importance of fostering change and celebrating the invaluable efforts of foster families. The collaborative efforts of stakeholders, together with extensive media participation, have significantly contributed to creating awareness and reinforcing the commitment to building brighter futures for every child in need of a family and has attracted the interest of other counties and presented the will to have a bigger event with more counties  participating.

Conclusion: The Foster Focus Week 2023 represented a holistic and multifaceted approach to enhancing foster care provisions in Kiambu County. Through comprehensive training sessions, community sensitization, and a culminating celebratory event, the program empowered foster parents with essential skills while fostering a sense of community and appreciation within the foster care network. This endeavor serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of multiple stakeholders committed to ensuring the well-being and positive development of orphaned and vulnerable children through nurturing and supportive foster care environments in Kiambu County.

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