Pure Religion Sunday: Fostering Hope and Uniting Communities for Every Child

Pure Religion Sunday: Fostering Hope and Uniting Communities for Every Child

The birth of Orphan Sunday emerged as a profound gift from the Church in Africa. Witnessing a passionate call to care for orphans during a church service in Zambia, an American visitor, Gary Schneider, was deeply moved. This inaugural Orphan Sunday prompted an incredible outpouring of generosity from the local community, reflecting the spirit of selflessness and care for those in need.


Stand Sunday, on the other hand, was birthed from a simple, yet profound question posed by Bishop Aaron Blake, challenging his congregation’s stance towards caring for abused, abandoned, and neglected children. His call prompted an unprecedented response, igniting a movement that transformed lives and communities.


In 2017, the merging of these initiatives marked a pivotal moment—an effort to unite the Church’s fervor for orphan care globally and to stand alongside children and families in the foster care system in the United States. This union culminated in the birth of the Pure Religion Project—a unified effort to align diverse initiatives under a consolidated framework and to propel the Church towards a more impactful and collective response to the vulnerable.


As we celebrate the rich legacies of Orphan Sunday and Stand Sunday, we anticipate a future brimming with hope and promise. The Pure Religion Project provides a focused and robust platform to channel the Church’s energy towards a more cohesive vision—a vision that calls for discipleship, deeper intimacy with Christ, and a steadfast commitment to care for the marginalized.


Pure Religion Sunday encapsulates this vision—a day not bound by a date on the calendar but an everyday commitment to mirror God’s love in tangible acts of compassion and care. Deliverance Church Embulbul in Kajiado North witnessed a heartening gathering on November 12th, 2023, as the community joined hands to celebrate Foster Sunday. Organized by Child in Family Focus, this event aimed to encourage fostering and the connection of children with loving families.

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