Our Core Activities



The organization advocates for the rights of institutionalized children and best practices for their care.

The detrimental effects of institutional care on a child’s well-being are widely documented.  We sensitize the public and stakeholders on the said effects and advocate for the use of family-based care options such as family strengthening, kinship care, adoption, foster care, and guardianship as much more effective in providing care and protection for children.

Sensitization and Awareness Creation

There are a myriad of myths surrounding Alternative Family Care which need debunking through public sensitization. Child in Family Focus – Kenya carries out public sensitization with the aim of creating clarity on all matters Alternative Care as well as the need to keep children in family settings.

The use of faith sector platforms, the media as well as piggybacking on community events and meetings at grassroots levels have been effective forums for our sensitization and awareness creation initiatives.

Sensitization and Awareness Creation
Capacity Enhancement

Technical Support

Child in Family Focus – Kenya works in collaboration with stakeholders to reduce reliance on institutional care for vulnerable children. Moving forward the Care Reform agenda by leading a coherent practice in favor of alternative family experiences for children remains our core focus.


We journey alongside childcare institutions keen on implementing Alternative Family Care programs and transforming their models from institutional care to family and community based care. We support them enhance their programmatic and administrative capacity through technical support in strategic planning and projects implementation.

Second Chances

CFFK reaches out to youth or teens discontinued from sponsorship by children’s homes for various reasons amongst them incidences of truant and deviant behavior. These youngsters are left to their own devices, vulnerable to societal ills and in need of a boost to get their lives back on track. We are presently supporting four such youngsters with access to education, vocational training and mentoring and are awed at the transformation a second chance brings!

Second Chances

Our Approach

  • Research

  • Project review

  • Organizational Capacity Development

  • Mentoring on Transitioning Models of Care for OVC

  • Advocacy on Family Based Care

  • Contribute to Policy & Legislation reviews

  • Contribute to the development of tools for Alternative Care

  • Joint Advocacy

  • Faith Based Sector

  • Joint Implementation

  • Civil Society Sector Networks and Collaboration

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